Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Golan Heights Winery

After a long and rewarding day, we arrived at Golan Heights Winery for a tour followed by dinner.

Chef Avi Cohen describes our dinner

Todd discusses the efforts in the Cleveland Jewish Federation in Israel.

Golan Heights

We were hosted by lt. Lev of the IDF. We wee on the border with Syria, which can be seen behind us.


Visiting the town of Jesus, Capernaum

Boarding our bus

The baptism site on the Jordan river

The group marveled at the Jordan river, and Dr. Javalgi had the privilege of conducting a baptism ceremony

Dr. Granot discussing leadership and it's attributes on the bus debrief session

The sea of Galilee - Kineret

An amazing group shot from the mountains overlooking the beautiful Sea of Galilee


Post visit bus debrief - Ironsource

EMBA student Mai Moore leads the debrief session


Our day began in the heart of the Tel Aviv financial center with a software company startup; Ironsource, and it's GM, Mr. Sagi Bakshi

After the visit we took a group picture on the company's terrace, overlooking the Mediterranean. 

Monday, April 28, 2014


Kaadita restaurant 

Floating in the Dead Sea

The group gets set to float in the. Dead Sea at the Herod's resort


The amazing site of massada

Intel bus debrief

Dr. Reed leading the discussion on the bus as we leave Intel on our way to Massadah and the Dead Sea.


After an early breakfast, we boarded the bus for an hour's drive to Kiryat Gat, home to Intel's massive facility.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Richard Schottenstein, Regional Director Ohio Office of Trade andInvestment

We were delighted to hoss Rick for dinner. Rick serves as the Regional Director of
Ohio Office of Trade and Investment in Israel.


Dean and Mrs. Mazzola joined the group for dinner at the hotel, as all other restaurants are closed in honor of holocaust Memorial Day.

Dr. Barnes leads the debrief session on the bus

IMC - Iscar

Group picture on the Iscar campus and now boarding the bus back to Tel Aviv

Iscar - a Berkshire Hathaway company

Danny Goldman, CFO of Iscar, hosted the EMBA program at the plant in northern Israel. Iscar is Warren Buffet's first acquisition outside the USA.

Bus debrief - Noble Energy

Exceutive in Residence Steve Kirk discusses the energy industry and Noble Energy's position in Israel. Steve also discussed the implications of leading a global company and making talent management decisions.

Noble Energy

We visited the HQ of Noble Energy in Hertzlya. Our host, Bini Zomer, apologized for not being able to host us on the rig, as our group is too large and exceeds the capacity of the lifeboats.